New on Return of Kings: Squats!

After being given the greenlight to do non-fitness related articles by Roosh, I’ve nonetheless decided to return to the old wheelhouse and do an article on the basic barbell squat. Because the fundamental power lifts are really important.

Having discussed previously discussed two other lifts in the “big four” series, we will now discuss the squat, arguably the best exercise for the legs, and inarguably a fundamental motion for any athlete or physical culturist. This is because doing the squat properly will not only train the big muscles of the quadriceps, but also the calves, the feet, the buttocks, and the hips. Combine this with the deadlift (which hits the hamstrings much better than the squat), and you’ll never need any other lower body exercises. And it goes without saying that in training your legs, you’ll make yourself run faster, jump higher, punch and kick harder, grapple stronger, and do anything you want to do better.

Like most exercises worth doing, there are a julienne of variations of the squat. There’s high bar squats, low bar squats, back squats, front squats, overhead squats, pistol squats, and so forth. However, for the majority of lifters, the basic high bar back squat is sufficient for their needs.

To do this exercise, you will need a rack or power cage, preferably the latter as it has safety bars to put the weight down should you be incapable of lifting the weight. To begin, remove the archetypal dudebro doing curls in the squat rack—you’re a man and you’ve got real exercises to do!

Once that’s been done, place the bar in the rack at about shoulder/neck level. Load it with whatever amount of weight you wish.

All that information, and more, in my newest Return of Kings article. You can read the article by clicking on this link right here