The Father of Modern Bank Robbery (ROK)

In my newest article on Return of Kings, I discuss Herman Lamm, widely heralded as the father of modern bank robbery. Namely, I discuss how his methods can be applied to the right side of the law as well as the wrong side to better manage your time and make use of your time more efficiently.

As I like to say, you can learn just as much from a bad person as you can from a good person, in one way or another. And Herman Lamm certainly proves that to be the case. Originally a Prussian military officer, Lamm immigrated to the USA in the early 20th century, and quickly established himself as a bank robber—and an exemplary one. Developing techniques such as casing out the bank, timing the operation (always pulling out within 5 minutes, regardless of the amount of money looted), and designating roles for each member of the gang, Lamm is to this day known as the father of modern robbery.

Although I have no interest in crime, I can see how military efficiency and “Deutscheprezision” can be useful for a man on the right side of the law in addition to the wrong one.

 We all want to be more efficient in our daily lives, don’t we? Some people are undoubtedly better at managing their time then others, but unless you are in fact The Clock King, you could probably make yourself at least somewhat more efficient. This article will discuss methods of time management, AND the interesting story of a guy who used military precision to commit crimes—a sterling example of what my website refers to as “rogue learning”, lessons learned from bad people. But first, some general tips on efficiency. Some of them may seem obvious to you, but I’ve always felt that there are no things so obvious that at least one dumbass out there didn’t get it the first time.

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