A general warmup for exercise

A short video on a simple topic: a warmup exercise used for “warming up” the upper and lower body for more intense exercises. Not much of a point in describing it, it’s described thoroughly in the video.

…And at that, allow me to describe it for the next few hundred words!

This warmup is something you are likely familiar with: arm circles! You’ll likely remember doing these at some point in elementary school gym class. To begin with you will be doing forward arm circles-hold the arms out and to the side as straight as you can, and begin moving them in circles while keeping them extended. Keep your arms straight as you start with small circles, and then gradually larger and larger circles. Do this about 30 times, and stop. One repetition is a complete circle.

After this, you will be doing backwards arm circles, which should be fairly intuitive to you: Extend your arms out and to the side and move them backwards in circles. Again, start with small circles and gradually increase the size of your circles. Do 30 repetitions (or another amount depending on how you feel), and stop.

And fianlly, we have alternating circles. Extend the arms as you likely expect, and move one arm clockwise and one arm counter clockwise. You will immediately notice that this is more difficult then either of the previous two warm-up exercises. Do this 30 times with one set of alternate motions, and then reverse both of your arms and do another thirty.

After five minutes of warming up in this fashion, your muscles will be sufficiently limber and ready to do any intensive upperbody exercise that you could possibly want to do.

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