How to: Do a Superman Punch

The Superman Punch is a technique that has seen a rise in its popularity in the last decade, as illustrated by the fact that it has a Wikipedia article. It is seen in film, video games, professional wrestling, and even, on occasion, really real fights by real people.


Much like the spinning backfist, it is a move that is much simpler than it appears to be, once you have been taught how to do it. And unlike the spinning backfist, it is far less risky due to the virtue of not requiring you to turn your back to your opponent. The matter of teaching you the move is, of course, where I come in.

Standing in your normal fighting stance, suddenly spring off the back leg and jump forward, performing a straight right punch while also simultaneously switching your feet up (ie: the right foot goes in front at the finish). You are, in effect, using your back foot to “launch” yourself forward. And as always, follow through with the punch.


For those of you who wish to see a visual guide, observe my corresponding video:

And for those who wanted to learn where the first image came from, it was from this video