“Women Don’t Care If You’re Masculine!”


I have a bit of a confession to make to you all: I’m taken.

Yes, I have a girlfriend. I’m sure that’s very disappointing to the 1,000 or so people who read my blog every month, approximately all of whom are heterosexual men. But yes, my days of being a free-wheeling sex maniac, walking across the shoulder of the highway to get some, are over…for the forseeable future, at any rate.

But I didn’t post this to brag about the fact that I have, in fact, put my penis inside a woman (not JUST to brag, anyway). Instead, I wanted to use a conversation I had with my girlfriend recently as an example of the veracity of what I preach. Simply put, despite what the surrounding culture tells us all, the traditional gender roles are, to an extent, naturally what both sexes want to portray, and women do find traditionally masculine men to be attractive.

To give you some context, Jane (not her real name, but I’m using it for the purposes of me not wanting you to send either of us fan mail or soiled underwear or anthrax or whatever) had recently watched my martial arts how-to videos






That says it all, folks. Women do care about whether you are masculine or not-and they appreciate men who are masculine (and by “appreciate”, I of course mean “are more likely to have sex with”, which is likely the reason why you stumbled into this neck of the internet in the first place).

To clarify for the more obtuse members of my audience-you should strive to be more than just masculine (I don’t do book reviews just for fun, people), but if all other things are equal, women will prefer the man who expresses traditional masculinity to the one that doesn’t. And if you want to know why, keep reading this website.

  • Took me awhile to finally come around to this conclusion but things really clicked once I did.

    • Likewise. I went through the “school of hard knocks” rather than learning from the manosphere as many younger guys do.