How to: Front Knee and Front Snap Kick


Yes, kids, it’s time for another martial arts how-to video. This time on the front knee and front snap kick, two techniques that are very similar, and are thus done in one video.

As the video details, the two attacks are almost identical in motion, with the main difference being the addition of a flick of the lower leg for the snap kick.

Similarly to how I trained you to always aim with the third and fourth knuckles in punching, you will have to learn how to aim with specific body parts in kicking, usually the heel, instep, or shin. In the case of the front knee, it is of course the kneecap, and with the front snap kick, it is the instep.

Due to the likelihood that your knees and feet have never taken the heavy impact of martial arts training, you will need to condition your legs to a greater degree than your fists and elbows. Sadly, this can only be accomplished through regular practice. I am fully aware that it will hurt for the first few weeks, and all I can do is offer my sympathy, having suffered the same agony as you in the past.

The front knee is for the most part pretty simple, the one thing that is not intuitive is the need to thrust your hips forward instead of just raising your leg. The front knee attack is ubiquitous in professional martial arts competition, being seen in almost all clinches.  You will quickly find that the knee (As well as elbow striking) works better when thrown from a clinch position.

Front kicks are done by lifting the knee up and flicking the tibia. Aim with the instep, this is powerful but of limited usefulness (ie: it’s largely for kicking people in the groin). Your body will lean back slightly, let it happen.


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