Think Carefully Before Expatriating


It’s a recurring meme in the ‘sphere to express one’s desire to escape the confines of the USA, that horrible bastion of social justice militancy and left-wing idiocy, and gallivant off to a third world country, where men are MEN, dammit, and women are all beautiful slender domestic goddesses who will cook you dinner while wearing naught but a bra and panties (and naturally, the laws of the country in question will allow you to amass as big of a harem as you could possibly want). You’ll become the hypersexual lion that you always knew you could be, and your life will just be a big parade of rainbows (MANLY rainbows!), conquest, and nubile females whose nether-regions smell like vanilla and lilac.

In many cases, I find this approach…questionable. I’m not going to get into the irony, which I have occasionally referred to in my writing, of how “our” kneejerk hatred for America is something shared with the leftiest of leftists (who are similar to the alt-right in that they both point out some legitimate problems with the USA but are still mostly hysterical). Instead, my question to these people is: where exactly do you think you’re going to go?

Are you honestly so naive to think that beyond the realms of big, bad, “Amerikwa” (as a side note, I have seen this ‘insult’ used repeatedly in this area of the Metaverse, and I still have no idea what it means), the world is full of manly patriotism and virtue, devoid of sophistry, guile, and evil nasty harridans? Let us take a quick look around the world, shall we?

In North America, we can see our Northerly neighbors putting the odious concept of “hate facts” into law, and actively seeking to quash the efforts of any dissidents within its borders.  While I am not ashamed to admit that, in some ways, Canada is better than the United States (namely the healthcare system and a lower crime rate; I will of course ignore the fact that being under the semi-benevolent American imperial wing frees up a lot of money to go to social entitlements that otherwise would have gone to the military), I am also willing to point out that, judging from some Canadian writers I read, not everything is happy in the Great White North, no matter how much they try to deny it when talking to an American (another reason to praise them, they understand the concept of “not airing the dirty laundry”, in contrast to Americans who hardly need any provocation to begin talking about how much they hate themselves and their country).

So, if you purely want prosperity and a relatively higher degree of safety, then, sure, for the time being, Canada’s alright (although with a wholehearted embrace of multiculturalism equal to, if not greater than, the USA’s, these may not last forever as the demographics shift). But for the alt-rightist, I don’t think you’ll find much to enjoy there.

Ah, but what about Europe (more accurately speaking, Western Europe), the ancestral homeland of what is likely the majority of the alt-right? You must be joking: as I have demonstrated in previous articles, Europe has embraced multiculturalism and, by extension, holier-than-thou supplication to an even higher degree than America has. I don’t really think I need to cite examples, but…what the hell, I’m going to cite examples: here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, just to name a few. I will, again, refrain from passing judgment about how, despite all of this whining and white flight-ing, they still find plenty of time in their busy days to hypocritically cluck their tongues at how terrible and racist those awful Americans are.

While I will, again, point out that Europe is, collectively, better than the USA in many ways, I am also not going to slavishly praise them (as many Americans do) and ignore how crime rates have increased and educational attainment has fallen. And let’s not ignore the sexual dysfunction, which is, again, something that is occurring in both America and Western Europe.

“But what about 2nd and third world countries?” you might ask me. And yes, in those places traditional sex roles do prevail, so they might be the place to go…provided you’re okay with higher crime rates, worse environmental standards, higher corruption, and a general lack of many of the amenities you’ve gotten used to living in a First World Country. Personally speaking, I studied for several months in Kenya during my undergraduate years, and upon returning, I was grateful for many things, mainly the fact that I wasn’t literally getting my ass kicked by the roads I was driving on. Of course, being the scientist that a piece of paper says I am, I was studying way out in the sticks, which also explains the fact that my return gave me a newfound appreciation of flushing toilets. Your experience may vary (and I freely admit that Kenya is one of only two third world countries I have ever spent any length of time in).

But wait, there’s more! As I’ve stated previously on this website, there is an odd little phenomenon in this world, in which there are quite a few countries that have a higher opinion of the United States then the United States does for itself. Do you really think that the aspects of American culture that you hate (ie: all of it) will not, to some extent, follow you?

Oh wait, I’ll answer that for you: it already is following you.

I do not write this article to discourage you to never leave the United States (or whatever First World, ultra-left wing country you reside in). I, for one, feel that everybody should spend some time overseas, experiencing other cultures and gaining perspective. I just want to disillusion you from any idea of the world beyond being an Eden, and also to tell you that if you’re still set on expatriating to some other country, be warned that it’s more difficult than you think it is-ie: don’t consider doing it unless you’re independently well off. You don’t want to end up working for peasant’s wages, do you?

Perhaps that’s why most of the guys talking about doing this are either men in late middle age with a sizable savings in the bank account, or bloggers/self published writers. If you are one of those two things, then reach for the stars, buddy.

Anybody else that is disaffected with the modern state of things, I would suggest taking part in my de facto plan: staying in the First World, and using its advantages (infrastructure, the internet, etc.), but not being OF the First World: strive to become relatively self sufficient (or at least less dependent upon the powers that be), and link up with like-minded individuals. Patronizing local businesses and groups that share your worldview, and more importantly, creating a support network that will make you more likely to survive the collapse, is one of the best ways to rebel at the moment (and obviously, “reading The Barbaric Gentleman” is THE best way to rebel).

Wouldn’t it be nice to fight back against the “Kali Yuga” or whatever the term du jour is, and maybe win, and turn the tremendous resources of a First World Country into a force for our side?

Until then, decide what you will, just don’t make any rash decisions