New ROK Article on the One-Handed Pushup”

one arm pushup

Pretty self explanatory: an article dealing with one-handed pushups and the biomechanical processes that go into learning them.

The one handed pushup is an exercise that many are familiar with, but only within the confines of television and movies. Whether it be Bruce Lee or Rocky Balboa, millions of boys and young men have seen this nigh-superhuman feat and sought to perform it…only for their efforts to result in sore shoulders, popping elbows, and other maladies (one result they will certainly not achieve is the successful completion of a one-armed pushup). Simply put, I doubt there is any person in the world who can do a one-handed pushup on their first try, for the simple fact that almost nobody is taught how. This article will start you upon the admittedly difficult road to this seemingly impossible feat.

Resistance training should, ideally, train more than just the muscles-it should also strengthen the connective tissue (Tendons and ligaments), and (perhaps most importantly) train the nervous system to work in conjunction with the skeletal muscles as the proverbial “well-oiled machine” (to put it very simply, muscle fibers connected to neurons from the nervous system are a “motor unit”. To exercise is to train both the muscles to contract, and the nervous system to fire more powerful electrical impulses to the synapses, which in turn forces the muscles to contract more powerfully, etc. When you do a particular exercise more frequently, you train the motor units that do that exercise to work more efficiently, which leads to you being stronger…

The article can be found here