Introducing Fist Flicks

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For the past month or so, I have had shin splints, which has kept me from moving around too much, and, more importantly for you, kept me from producing my martial arts instructional videos. Thankfully, my shins are no longer in pain, and those videos will resume shortly.

While I was temporarily handicapped, I decided to start an additional series of videos: an ongoing series of film reviews, pertaining specifically to movies about people punching each other a lot, hence the name.

I can just hear your disgust. Before you all swear off my website forever, I can explain the two reasons why I came up with this idea

1. I can safely say that, had I not spent hours watching B-Grade action schlock on TV as a young child, I would never have gotten into fitness or martial arts, which ultimately would mean you wouldn’t be reading my work (which, of course, deals heavily in whipping men specifically into shape). My intention is essentially to get people interested in the subject the same way I was first ensnared.

2. I have long felt that if we’re going to forward our ideas, we have to…produce culture. Books and articles are great, but most people are idiots who don’t read. More than one gay commenter has remarked that Will and Grace did more to forward the cause of gay marriage than all the gay pride parades in the world, and I agree. So wouldn’t it be nice to do what they did, and subtly insert masculine, shitlord-y themes into pop culture?

Personally speaking, I like internet reviewers and Let’s Play-ers (plus, I don’t really have the budget for anything more lavish). However, seeing as the mission statement of this website is essentially “how to make yourself into a barbaric gentleman”, these videos are not truly relevant to that goal, and as such they won’t be linked on this website, but will be on my Youtube channel. I have made this post just so you won’t be surprised if you see Larsen Halleck doing normie stuff on another website.