New ROK Article: Lessons for Body and Mind


In today’s article, I discuss The Education of a Body Builder by Arnold Schwarzenegger, and the lessons that it holds for all men. These lessons do not just pertain to fitness:

…Needless to say, this a book that risks everybody in a 100 foot radius trying and failing to restrain their laughter at how you’re reading a book about a glistening muscleman showing his body in a black speedo. However, this is a minor setback that shouldn’t stop you from reading an excellent book, written by a highly accomplished human being, that primarily seeks to answer the age-old question of why men bother to lift weights, as well as having relevant advice for anyone interested in fitness, from the total novice to the seasoned veteran, or anybody interested in improving their life at all…

…An aspect of the book that is sure to trigger SJW termagants is Arnold discussing how the training and lifestyle affected him mentally, as well as physically: Fanatic dedication to his task and the older men at the gym bringing girls back to the gym for the boys to share gave the young man a decidedly…animalistic view of women: “Women were sex objects, I saw the others using them in this way and I thought it was okay. We talked about the pitfalls of romance and how it hurt your training. They were my idols so of course I agreed… I was convinced a girl couldn’t understand what I was doing, and that we could never communicate equally. I needed to be in the gym, not with them-so I’d pick them up, fuck them, and never see them again. It wasn’t until four years of training had gone by that I was capable of meaningfully communicating with a girl” (p. 25)

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