New ROK Article: How to Choose a Martial Art


Seeing as the world today sucks, you might feel the urge to slam your fists and feet into things until your emotional pain goes away. It’s a very understandable desire, but should you want to refine and perfect your technique vis a vis limb slamming, you might ask: which style should I choose?

And that is what my article today is designed to help you with. In this article, I seek to provide a set of guidelines for picking a proper martial art school that will teach you practical techniques and not take your money.

…The SCHOOL OR GYM is the most important thing, and the quality of instruction therein. Styles of martial arts are not cars that are 100% better or worse performing than others.

 Now that I’ve told you that the instruction is much more important than the name of the martial art style, you might now ask “What makes proper schooling?” From my experience, a good martial arts school needs to focus on three things: 1) Physical conditioning-training strength, endurance (both muscular and cardiovascular), and flexibility 2) Proper form and technique-teaching the proper way to punch, kick, throw, breakfall, and anything else that would need to be done and 3) Full contact sparring/grappling-putting the students in a realistic fighting setting, which teaches them the important lessons of operating under adrenaline and withstanding pain as well as using proper technique while in a situation of, essentially, panic. Simply put, if you’re not sparring, you’re not training. And yes, that goes for the young children as well: I fully endorse young children punching each other in the head (with supervision, of course).

You can read the article here