How To Do A Front Push Kick

Before I begin discussing the actual kick this article is supposed to be about, let me just say that I’m fully aware of the slipshod quality of this video. I had a rare free day so I cranked out several weeks worth of footage, and the editing suffered as a result.  As a kung fu video with piss-poor editing, all I need is a couple of boom mics and a groovy soundtrack, and I can remake Dolemite.


But without further ado, the push kick:

Also called the Thrust Kick. The push kick is a heavy kick that is predominantly used to push the guy away from you, but it certainly hurts and is capable of breaking bones as well, especially if you aim with the heel. It’s main weakness is being fairly slow and telegraphed, even if done with perfect form.

Stand in your normal fighting stance, and bring your back leg up, but not forward, bending at the knee (bend the leg higher up if you want to kick higher, and lower if you want to kick low). Then, as hard and fast as possible, push the leg out, aiming with the heel. Your body will lean back slightly, that is natural. Don’t fight it, but don’t deliberately exaggerate the lean either.

Blocking this kick is done with “checking” when aimed below the waist (As most kicks are). When aimed above the waist, you can attempt to do elbow blocks, similar to body punches, but that’s more along the lines of “mutually assured destruction”. It is also possible to “catch” the kick, as detailed above, but again, this is risky. The telegraphing of this kick, combined with its power, makes it so footwork and dodging are preferable to blocking.

This kick is predominantly used for everything above and including the groin, but if your feet are shod, you can kick the shin and knee as well.

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