How To Do A Side Kick


Before I go into the details: Yes, I put “side kick” into Google Image Search and got pages of shitty phones and nothing related to the actual martial arts technique.

Anyway, here’s the video, and a text instruction for the side kick will ensue afterwards.

To do the sidekick you begin in orthodox stance. To effectively do the side kick, you must turn your torso to the side, thfen lift the front leg up high and tight and CLOSE TO YOUR TORSO (you can’t really do it with the back leg, so if you want a right sidekick, you have to turn your whole body do the right leg leads) with the knee pointing back.

Simultaneously twist your body in the opposite direction of the leg, and thrust the leg towards the target (ie: if you are left side kicking, rotate the body to the RIGHT). Your body should be diagonally straight, your butt should not be sticking out, and your torso should not be hunched over (it should, in fact, lean slightly back). Your back foot should be flat, do NOT go up on the ball of the feet. Aim with the heel. It helps if you sort of “envision” your foot going sideways. Look at your back arm, it should move away from the foot. That’s how you know you’re doing it right.

As always, follow through and hit “through” the target.