How To Hook Kick

After so long a time away, Larsen’s martial arts tutorials are back! The video below, as well as the text below the video, will teach you how to do a […]

How to Crescent Kick

This video and corresponding article will teach you how to do the crescent kick. More specifically, both the outside and inside crescent kick. The Inside Crescent Kick Or as I […]

How to Spinning Back Kick

This article and corresponding video discuss how to do the spinning back kick, a kick that appears to be much more difficult and complicated than it truly is. Without going […]

How to Roundhouse Kick

It’s memetic fame aside, the roundhouse is a kick you ought to be learning: it’s relatively quick, non-telegraphed, and hits all targets hard, from the ankle all the way to […]

How To Do A Side Kick

Before I go into the details: Yes, I put “side kick” into Google Image Search and got pages of shitty phones and nothing related to the actual martial arts technique. […]