New ROK Article: Legit Reasons To Be Fat


My new article asking whether or not there are legitimate reasons for being fat?

The short version: Yes there are, but they’re not such great issues that they can’t be overcome. They’re obstacles, not barriers.

Anybody that has been involved in physical fitness for a substantial length of time has undoubtedly been confronted with militant fatties yelling at them. Indeed, the mere existence of your fitness is a grave affront to the lives and well-being of these particular people-and to justify their own obesity, they will claim that they are “literally incapable” of getting in shape or losing weight, referring to a number of medical conditions that they have, or allege to have, that keeps them from losing weight. But is there any truth to this?

Being that I like to consider myself a nice person, I’ll give these claims a fair shake: Here are a few commonly claimed medical reasons for obesity, and the legitimacy of these claims for the average…heavier than average person…

But, much like the stress issue discussed above, this is a bump in the road that can be overcome. While I share the belief of any red-pilled person that human existence is not entirely an issue of nurture, a genetic predisposition to weight gain should not force you to give up even trying. And that’s not even getting into how ironic it is that a facet of Social Justice Warriordom, which fat acceptance undoubtedly is, is utilizing an argument based on human genetics, a field that they ruthlessly suppress when it can’t be used to argue for them (which is to say, most times).

So in conclusion, there are indeed legitimate reasons that can cause people to be overweight against their will. But the likelihood of every fat person having one of these reasons is astronomically low. If you’re overweight, it’s more likely that you don’t have these issues, and proper diet and exercise can help you more than any excuse.

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