Slutdom is Not Inevitable


I took her out to a sleazy hookah bar, and we ennobled the obscure establishment with our dapper dress and demeanor. Throughout the night, we had a wonderful conversation over smoke, with laughs, winks, smiles, and the occasional fondle. To make a long story short, I drove her back to her place, and the date ended with a passionate embrace and a julienne of kisses, as I took covert gazes into her ample bosom. In between our heavy petting, she posited that the next week we could go out again. Naturally, I accepted, and drove home utterly, gloriously, on top of the world. Needless to say, I never got that second date. The second date that she requested. I had been “ghosted” as the kids like to say nowadays.

So I went for another girl. She was taller and swarthier than the one previously mentioned, but she, too provided sufficient conversation for my night, and many opportunities to show off what a jack-the-lad I was. As a side note, I always pick up the check when its 30 dollars or less. Hopefully my thriftiness will redeem me in the eyes of keyboard alphas. Also worth noting was one of the most glorious waist-to-hip ratios I have ever seen on any woman that wasn’t on a screen.

I maneuvered our date towards a park bench facing a river, which in turn was illuminated by the setting sun. Perhaps inspired by this cliched, yet romantic setting, she took the initiative to lay her head upon my shoulder and her arm upon my other shoulder. I, in turn, like a good little Game initiate, immediately seized upon the advantage to kiss her, an advance that she was immediately receptive to. To put it bluntly, I have never, before or since, been kissed that much in a 10 minute span of time. That isn’t even counting the numerous kisses placed upon my chest, neck, and lapel. And the additional tongue-wrestling at the train station. As before, she posited a second date, and I went home thinking about sex and general debauchery beyond the dreams of lust. Much like the first paragraph, this never materialized.

The third in this illustrious series was the first woman that I ever had sex with…in public (it was on the roof of a certified public attorney, if you must know).  Unlike those other two, I managed to get a second date. And a third date, and so on and so forth. Each of these brought a new bit of fornicating fun to the table. Ultimately, despite the wonders of unprotected sex and adult slumber parties, she too eventually stopped responding to my texts.

After my initial abandoning of the world of aspiring “wizardry”it appeared that I was at an impasse. Had all my efforts been for naught?  Had I been lied to? Was it time to go back to being a valiant white knight?

Not as such, no. I was consistently able to get a date, which was an enormous improvement from the mumbling, downward-glancing schlub I once was, so I wasn’t about to turn my back on what I had toiled so hard for.

Anybody in this corner of the internet has heard all of the quotes about the nature of women already, so I will not go into great detail: “men are doltish and romantic…women are pragmatic…harshly the realist” (The American Nietzsche), “Man is a means to an end for woman…and that end is a child” (The German Mencken), “myah myah myah, the mean girls are hypergamous, change my diaper mommy!” (Insert the name of whatever keyboard alpha male blogger you don’t like here). And, yeah, some women will ditch your ass if they get bored with you and/or find a better guy without even bothering to tell you that it’s over-I’m not some sort of super stud who’s never had it happen to him.

With all that being said, I don’t really think women are inherently going to gravitate towards doing this, any more than a man is inherently going to gravitate towards rape and murder. In other words, if the surrounding culture encourages it, then it will happen (why yes, I am saying that male whining about women’s hypergamy is analogous to women clucking about “rape culture”).

A woman’s desire for affirmation (as far as I’m aware, there has not been a scientific study of the matter, but anybody who has been around the block can see it) can be controlled by society, just as many men may want to murder an asshole bank teller or waiter, but are successfully cowed away from doing so by various moral and legal handicaps.

Make no mistake about it, women of today are actively encouraged to be promiscuous, by the media and by the chattering people who appointed themselves the leaders of women. However contra to what the “he man woman hater’s club” says, most people, men AND women, are dopes that do what they’re told to do. If you tell women “it’s okay to sleep with scumbags, it’s okay to go out and act like a stupid, irresponsible bitch”, guess what? They’re going to do that. Frankly, it is in my humble opinion that the relative safety of the modern soft-totalitarian state-ie: every Western country-further enables these women to be divorced from any consequences of their actions (see again-the ridiculousness of “teaching men not to rape” rather than teaching women to take protective measures).

So, the question remains: what is to be done about the fact that society has been forcibly rearranged in a way that women hold are undoubtedly at a sexual advantage, and are encouraged to use this power irresponsibly? I have always believed that, in the absence of any social pressure telling people one thing or another, the traditional sexual roles-ie: patriarchy-will more or less naturally occur. Their unanimity throughout the world would seem to speak to this.

But I do emphasize “more or less”: Speaking from experience, women do want to be, at the very least, gently dominated during sex: the prevalence of sexual fantasies of rape and domination would seem to suggest that (gee, if only somebody wrote an article doing a comparative analysis on books like The Sheik and Fifty Shades of Grey…). With that being said, I certainly don’t think every woman will leap at the chance to be barefoot and pregnant in a kitchen, only that SOME women might want to be housewives if given all possible options.

The only thing I can suggest is: for all of us-my readers, my fellow bloggers-to keep preaching the good word, eloquently and thoroughly. Keep on fighting against those who would turn women into nought but vapid sperm receptacles. As more and more men become attuned to the truth, and the economy becomes weaker, I think things will start to fall into place.

I will leave you with something that truly re-ignited my faith in womankind: On a much later date then the three above, I asked a girl out on a date, and was rejected. She looked me right in the eye and told me, without sophistry or faux-sympathy. When I inquired why, she told me my voice was “too deep”, and this was apparently disturbing to her. And some people say women don’t have honor!