Why I’m Not A Fan Of Sex Tourism

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Pictured: A Red Light District

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that a pretty notable tenet of “the red pill” is criticizing the women of the West (my country the United States is certainly included in that) as being unfeminine, unattractive, and overall inferior to women of 2nd and 3rd world countries (such as Brazil, Ukraine, and the Philippines to name a few oft-cited countries).

While I do think it’s pretty ridiculous to think that every woman in the West is unattractive and unfeminine, I will certainly agree that modern Western culture (at the very least in the last 10 years) encourages women and teenage girls to be as slovenly, boorish, masculine, and clumsily sexual. This is what sparked the manosphere/men’s self improvement movement, and quite understandably caused resentment and mistrust between men and women.

The logical conclusion of this line of thinking is that the only option for men to find a marriageable woman is to go off to one of these countries and find a woman there. And once you’ve married her, you ought to stay there because if you bring her back to the West she will gradually become a dead-eyed cock carousel rider-in short,  all that is Western woman.


Maybe this is a bit too literal…

I’ve already discussed that there are certain problems that can arise when expatriating to a foreign country, but I have never specifically addressed my feelings on the matter. At the risk of losing my neomasculine “cred”, I’ll just say-I’m not really a fan of the entire concept of sex tourism/love tourism/whatever you want to call it.

Just to clarify, I completely understand the appeal of the concept. I’d be lying if I said a part of me didn’t want to go to some country where I’d instantly be seen as more attractive than the native male population, and have to beat off the native women with a stick. In addition to the sexual pleasure I’d quite clearly be getting, the psychological thrill of being objectively superior to millions of men would certainly be a heady one. It would be like the feeling I had when I walked into a poetry slam full of nerds and immediately started getting frisky with the girls there-except magnified exponentially! In short, I’d be bullying an entire country, and who, to some degree, doesn’t want to be the “big man on campus”?

But it is with that thought that I also begin to have doubts about the whole enterprise. One of the biggest problems I have is that I’ve developed the ability to “walk in another man’s shoes”. It doesn’t have many applications beyond empathy, and in fact can act as a detriment (namely, it keeps you from dehumanizing and hating somebody, which is a very useful quirk of human psychology). And with that, I have to say: how do you think the men in these countries feel? I’m not talking about the “derp exploitation” nonsense/barely veiled jealousy that feminist talking heads give for why *they* hate sex tourism, I’m speaking as a man in empathy for my fellow men-how do you think a Filipino feels when he sees some dumbass Australian bumblefucking around and picking up his countrywomen? Or how a Brazilian feels when some gringo idiot does the same? Or how a Russian does…you get the idea.

I can’t imagine it would ingratiate you (and by extension your entire country and culture) to the men of the nation you’re attempting to be a sex tourist in. In fact, I explicitly know that it wouldn’t, by looking at the way Western men react to the behavior of the so-called “refugees” towards white women. Or the way that some white men react to black men dating white women-for that matter, the way black men react to the inverse of this.

“We don’t act like those rapefugees act!” you might be protesting-and I’m sure you don’t. While you’re not running around raping women in the streets, the sex tourist is still treating the target country essentially as an open air brothel. Men of a certain ethnicity or race tend to get angry when an “outsider” starts mingling with their women-whether you’re white, black, yellow, or brown, this is a unanimous trait of men (and let’s be honest, women do the same thing). And I say this as a man who is certainly no stranger to interracial sex and dating-my ire is raised for sex tourism more than “love tourism”-it’s one thing to enter an actual relationship with a foreign women, but it’s a different, much more exploitative thing to go with the goal of “I’m gonna bang as much foreign strange as I can! Brown women fall before my white cock!”

And yes, I am aware that the women are hardly innocent victims in this: for some ethnicities of women, white men have a tremendous sexual advantage-I’ve been told as much in bed. And again, I can’t really blame my manosphere compatriots for taking advantage of this sexual bounty before him via tourism. If anything, I’m against the “just have fun as the world goes to hell” mindset, of which this is the golden exemplar. Namely: if Western women are en masse deemed un-marriage worthy, then it seems to me that there is an enormous problem in the West. And sex/love tourists, while they can’t really be blamed for looking out for Number One via sex tourism, respond to this issue by running away from it. That is something I cannot abide.

Ultimately, I feel a more noble goal is that: if our women are allegedly so gauche (and doubtless many are) and the third world women are so superior to them, shouldn’t we ought to try to make our women, our society, live up to that foreign standard? It’s certainly much more difficult than going on a trim hunt, but considering that the manosphere claims to be against multiculturalism and “a world without borders”, it seems a bit hypocritical of sex tourists to enjoy one of the, possibly the only, good things about a “world without borders”.

I’m not going to demand that you stop going to foreign countries to get girls, I sympathize with those who do. But seeing as I can also empathize with the men in those foreign countries, it seems to me that the only way to satisfy everybody is to, essentially, make Western women on the whole desirable again, rather than finding the few exceptions that prove the rule (for the record I’m dating a white Western woman and am quite happy in my relationship). Scuttling off to some foreign country to find a halfway decent woman is just a “Band-Aid” solution that doesn’t help the problems we have in the west. In fact, looking at the frumpy feminists who complain about it, it arguably exacerbates the problem via spite (ie: “If those men want slender feminine women, I’ll go out of my way to be dowdy and unpleasant!”)

Either that, or you can continue to sow the seeds for long term resentment between foreigners and natives-the budding race war in America and Western Europe is great, so why not spread it elsewhere?


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  • In North Asia there is an artificial sex imbalance caused by the large number of men who remain in their rooms and do nothing but play computer games and wank to anime porn. Most women prefer to stick to their own but a small subset go specifically for the foreigners. For these reasons there is not so much male jealousy as you might think. I’ve been strutting around these parts for years with a local belle on my arm and I’ve never copped any crap, or even many dirty looks.
    A million years ago I was with mates in a pub in Australia and we saw an Aussie chick with a young African migrant. We were all staring at them. They stared back and assumed we were racist and jealous. In fact, our whole group turned to each other and said the same thing: “Jesus, that guy could do a fuck of a lot better.” He looked pretty cool but she was a pugly skank. Perhaps he had visa issues.

    • I know about the Hikkikomori/whatever subculture, and in that respect I can’t blame the local women for outsourcing dick.

      Like I say in the article, my main issue with it is that it’s a Band-Aid solution, and I’d prefer to fix Western women rather than keep running away from the problem.