New ROK Article on More Grip Training


Since training the grip is of the utmost importance for the physical man, I wrote another article on training the hand and forearm.

If you will recall, a few weeks ago I published an article on how to train the grip. In that article I stated:

“You will not have a heavy deadlift, overhead press, or bench press if you have weak hands. And for athletes, your punching, wrestling, grappling, throwing, and catching will be ineffectual without proper forearm training. In the words of Thomas Inch and many other pre-20th century strongmen, weak hands makes a weak man.”

And I stand by that statement. I feel that training the hands and forearms is of such importance, that another article on training the grip is necessary. More specifically, this article will deal with other methods of training that are slightly more esoteric than the DIY techniques discussed in the last article, but can be done in conjunction with those techniques to truly create awe-inspiring forearm strength…

…The next series of exercises that can be done will require a set of the Chinese iron balls. Perhaps you already own a pair of these for reducing stress or meditation. Or you can borrow a pair from your parents or a co-worker (it’s likely somebody in your life owns one). If you can’t get of these for free, you can go to a local Asian foods market and pick up a pair for somewhere in the ballpark of 10 dollars. And if all else fails, you can  buy a set from a martial arts supply company such as the ones in this link.

Now that you have a pair of them, take the two in your hand, with your palm up, and begin circling the balls around in your palm using your fingers…

You can read the full article here