Listen to Me on Bernard Chapin’s Podcast

Yes, once again, I appeared on the still-unnamed Chapin podcast/roundtable. And even though I find it increasingly difficult to produce 300 words about these podcasts (300 words being what the SEO app demands), I’m going to try it anyway.

And here’s the usual disclaimer/information about Bernard that I give every week:

If you’re reading my website, chances are you’re familiar with Bernard Chapin at Male Defender. Bernard is a great writer who, much like myself, talks about a variety of topics, most of which pertain to masculinity and issues that men face in the modern world. In addition to his writing, Bernard also produces several Youtube shows and podcasts, all of which are collectively contained in the channel known as “Chapin’s Inferno”.

In this podcast, me and Bernard (who can, as always, be found on the website Male Defender) were joined by Dark SunsFlorian Ulrich, John Hendeyand Gio Penn

(I apologize that the majority of those links I gave above are Google Plus links. I am not aware of any of those guys having websites, but if they do, please tell me, and I will edit this post.)

In the video, we discuss the election, millenials (me and Gio being members of that illustratious demographic, the older participants wanted to know if we could shed some light on why this generation is so terrible), and my and Gio’s personal politics. As usual, I feel that this was a great roundtable discussion, with all parties contributing to the conversation, a conversation spanning the realms of politics, philosophy, and popular culture. In my not so humble opinion, it’s worth a listen.

You can click here to listen to the podcast, and here to view Bernard Chapin’s Youtube channel, which has many more interesting videos, vlogs, and podcasts for your edification.