Don’t Rest On Your Laurels


Huzzah! Donald Trump has won! Trump, the great redeemer of the white race has arisen from the depths of Awakened Saxon Hatred (to refer to a poem allegedly written by Kipling)* to smite down upon the multi-headed Hydra of Dildocracy that bore many disgusting heads-globalism and feminism et al! Blows were struck, clashes were had, but finally the dusky hordes have been routed!

In his first one hundred days, President Trump will close the border with his right-wing death squads, destroy every negative trade agreement, and form a lasting and fraternal bond with Putin’s Russia, giving each and every one of his loyal alt-right followers a complimentary Slavonic supermodel to use at their whim. The sparrows will sing of his forthcoming, and all in all we’ll be a gaggle of giggly young teenage girls with shiny new vibrators!


…Yeah, I’m being a bit sarcastic.

Look, I consider his presidency to be the lesser evil compared to the 8 years of merciless cock punching that a Hillary Clinton presidency would have been. While I have repeatedly stated that Donald Trump is far from perfect (And frankly, to even call him a “good” person is a bit of a stretch), I think anyone who has “taken the red pill” would agree that anything he has done doesn’t exactly compare to the Democrat’s paying violent protesters to disrupt Trump rallies, taking money from regimes far worse than Russia, showing naked contempt for Americans that’s far worse than Trump’s “hatred”, the Clinton Foundation mismanaging money intended for Haiti, colluding with the media to stifle dissent (most notably, quashing the “people’s champion” Bernie Sanders), and openly expressing their desire for the “Lennonist” (spelling intentional) “world without borders“, a multicultural ideal that seems to be showing some chinks in its armor.

Their supporters also show Trump to be the lesser evil: while he certainly has his supporters that truly are “deplorable“, in practice are they any worse than the coterie of hatchet faced third wave feminists, smug conquering minorities, and self-flagellating white males that formed a substantial part of Hillary Clinton’s supporters? Each group is bigoted and stupidly blames some other for its problems, but the difference is that the “rainbow coalition”, united only by hatred of the white man (and I mean ONLY, as the coalition goes to pieces whenever white people are not in the picture) are far more numerous, and their intelligentsia kind of…y’know, control culture, academia, and society. Trump’s ascendance (with the coinciding rise of alternative media) is only starting to change that, slowly.

(And all that is just stuff that can be absolutely confirmed-I’m not even going to get into the mysterious deaths that seem to happen around the Clintons, or the recent “Spirit Cooking” fiasco. The Clinton’s involvement in those have never been verified, so I won’t refer to them as facts)

But with all that being said, notice that I emphasize that Trump is the lesser evil of the two, rather than some mythical Anglo-Avenger. He is, at best, a “Citizenist” to borrow the words of Steve Sailer, a man who campaigned with the evidently radical notion that America should be primarily concerned with its citizens.

What he is not is whatever “alt” political ideology you ascribe to. Whatever it is, he ain’t exactly a member of it, despite treading some common water.

But assuming you’re not a “vantard” (and yes, I do enjoy mocking Mr. Anglin), you probably already knew all of this. I write this article to remind all of my readers to do what the title states: Do not rest on your laurels, and don’t rest all of your hopes on Trump.

What do I mean by this? I mean that the battle is won, but the war is still far from over.  This election is a solid benchmark, and celebrating it for a while is fine, but eventually we’ve gotta get back to work-to make sure President Trump doesn’t fuck anything up TOO bad, keep pointing out the lies from the main stream media, and eventually bring the current system crashing down around us. If we just assume that because we’ve won this day, we’ll continue to win forever (ie: resting on our laurels)…we’ll become complacent and eventually lose.

This advice is far more relevant than just the one political example I’ve been discussing: this is advice that you can apply to anything in life-always keep moving forward.

Always have a goal in mind, always continue improving, always continue learning. In other words, never rest on your laurels and instead seek out ever more laurels. Hell, President-Elect Trump basically said as much in Art of the Deal (whether or not he follows his own advice will be seen in the future).

If you reach a goal in your studies, celebrate it and then move on to the next goal. Ditto for fitness, art, business or anything else.

This is likely advice that you’ve heard from your father in the past, and as such there’s no real way to tell you “how” to not rest on your laurels. If I had to, though…I would tell you to work in increments-“baby steps” if you will. As I have previously said, you won’t go from failure to success over night, and attempting to do so will discourage you and make you fail completely. In contrast, as I have written previously, success (no matter how big or small) breeds confidence, valuable experience and skills, all which are likely to breed more success.

Work as quick or as slow as you want, but set multiple benchmarks for yourself along the way, and keep moving forward!

Success is a never-ending journey and labor, not a destination!

*I’ve tried looking up “The Wrath of the Awakened Saxon”, but I could’t find it on any poetry website, the Kipling Foundation’s page, or Wikipedia. If somebody can verify that Rudyard Kipling wrote that poem, please show me.