New On ROK: “What Are They Teaching Elsewhere?”

In my new Return of Kings article, I take a look at other fitness/men’s publications (more accurately, the December 2016 issue of Men’s Journal), and see what the mainstream is teaching, and how it differs from us “renegades”.

But that raises a question: what is “the establishment” publishing? If we have an iron grip upon the truth, then what is legacy media pushing in their periodicals and publications intended for viewing by a masculine audience?

Being something of a minimalist, I never held a subscription to any of the standard men’s magazines you will find—however, one night while at physical therapy for my foot (and in case anybody is wondering, they estimate that around April or May I’ll be able to get back into the gym and start lifting again), I managed to get my hands on a men’s magazine, more specifically the December 2016 edition of Men’s Journal magazine, which can be deemed, at least tangentially, a fitness magazine, as it was placed along with other magazines such as Men’s Health. And upon reading that magazine, I decided to write up a list that essentially compares and contrasts our content to theirs. And so without further ado…

Despite the fact that the magazine promises advice on exercise and fitness, there was surprisingly little of that—there are plenty of articles about OTHER men doing great physical feats, both in the realms of mainstream sportsball and other, more exotic sports. However there was very little about the reader’s fitness. Indeed, were I of a conspiratorial mindset, I would think that they were promoting the watching of sports as something of a “panem et circenses,” to quote Juvenal. But that would just be ridiculous, right?

…For reasons unknown to me, I am something of an optimist, and generally I try to “throw the dog a bone” when it deserves one. And in this case, there were indeed a few worthwhile things that this magazine had to say. More accurately speaking, there were two articles that weren’t complete bullshit.

You can read the rest of the article here