The Education of an Anti-SJW

Once again, I appeared on Bernard Chapin’s podcast. More accurately, it was on his December 29th podcast, titled “The Education of an Anti-SJW”, as the title of this blog post would imply.

If you read my website, you likely know all about him by now, but for the sake of Search Engine Optimization, I will be completely redundant:

Bernard is a great writer who, much like myself, talks about a variety of topics, most of which pertain to masculinity and issues that men face in the modern world. In addition to his writing, Bernard also produces several Youtube shows and podcasts, all of which are collectively contained in the Youtube channel known as “Chapin’s Inferno”“a wandering cauldron of politically incorrect commentary”.

As with my previous appearances on the Chapin’s Inferno Podcast, the podcast was an hour and a half long—an allotted time period that, sadly, I was not entirely available for. It was only in the last 45 minutes or so that I appear.

Despite that, the discussion was as lively and diverse as it usually is, with discussions of literature, other manosphere figures, athletics, bodybuilding, and politics. In addition to that, the discussion prior to my arrival was very interesting as well, with the main topic of the day being the education of young people to prevent them from falling into the same Social Justice Warrior Trap that so many youths of today have succumbed to.

In addition to Bernard Chapin and myself, this installment of Chapin’s Inferno included such luminaries as  Florian Ulrich, who can be found here and hereFran D (who can be found here), and Man Going His Own Waya link to whose Amazon Author’s page has been linked.

Listen to the podcast, and enjoy it. You might learn a thing or two.