New on Return of Kings: How to Maxald the Chest

It’s time once again for another article in my muscle control/Maxalding series: this time about the pectoral muscles.

As a side note, I don’t plan on referencing Bloodsport in any articles for the forseeable future. Sorry if that disappoints you:

As you will recall from my two previous articles on the man, “muscle control” is a very specific type of training that serves to, essentially, create a greater “connection”  between your muscles and your central nervous system, giving you the ability to flex and manipulate many of the muscles that you wouldn’t think were capable of manipulation.

In doing so, you will have greater control over those muscles–and thus greater strength. While I don’t think even Maxick himself would argue that his techniques will turn a manlet into a world-beater, I would argue that using muscle control can give you a little extra “kick” in your lifts, giving you the ability to lift an extra 5-10 pounds when you couldn’t before. Besides, the flexing does look pretty damn cool

In my previous two articles I discussed the beginner’s total body flexion to get the feel of loosening and tensing the muscles, and the flexing of the two powerful muscles on the back of the torso: the latissimus dorsi and the trapezius. Now, this series will deal with the next muscle to be controlled: the chest.

These are, of course, the great, powerful muscles on the front of your torso, the muscles that are utilized in any movement that can be remotely considered “pushing”: push-ups, punching, swinging a baseball  bat, all of these use the chest muscles. And today, you’ll be learning how to isolate and control them.

Of course, many men that are into physical culture can already flex their chest muscles without any specific Maxalding training. In fact, it is likely one of the first muscles that any athlete will inadvertently learn how to control. However, for the sake of completion (and for those who are not so blessed), I will include it in this series…

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