New on Return of Kings: More Kama Sutra Positions

It’s time once again to delve into that classic of Hindu erotica, the Kama Sutra:

Recall a few months ago that I wrote an article introducing Return Of Kings readers to that classic of Indian eroticism, the Kama Sutra, and enumerated four sexual positions contained within that text. The response to that article was, for the most part, positive, notwithstanding a few commenters questioning how I could possibly learn anything from a barely civilized nation of street soilers!

Yes, I’m being sarcastic.

Ignoring India’s massive and memetic problems with open defecation, the Kama Sutra is still a masterwork of erotica, and should be studied by all.

Indeed, Vatsyayana’s erotic magnum opus was the first Indian literature to be studied by both myself and Harry Flashman, and likely many other Western rakes as well. And so, as we are handing the torch to a new generation of cads, let us learn another five positions from this text…

…And finally, we shall end with a position where the man gets on top, but with a bit of a twist. With the man on his knees, the woman does a back bridge, where the man then begins penetration.

This one is not one of my favorites, mainly because it’s apparently less pleasurable to the woman than a standard missionary—and yes, keyboard alpha males, I do concern myself with pleasing my women in bed. With all that being said, it does feel pretty good for the man, so I do not totally eschew it.

Reading my two Kama Sutra articles, you have a nice library of sexual positions. But there’s plenty more, and those will perhaps be another article some day in the future.

You can learn these positions and more, by reading the article, the link to which is right here on Return of Kings.