How To Hook Kick

After so long a time away, Larsen’s martial arts tutorials are back! The video below, as well as the text below the video, will teach you how to do a hook kick, a not-particularly-strong attack that is really only done because it’s a prerequisite for a much more powerful one (the spinning hook kick/wheel kick)

To do this technique, begin by “loading” it like a sidekick, but rather than kicking straight out you combine this motion with you swinging the body and foot sort of like a crescent kick, up and over and across the face.

It’s easier to do with the back leg, swinging it forward. Swing the whole body and “launch the leg”, similar to a hook punch. As mentioned above, this is not particularly powerful, but a prerequisite for the devastating spinning hook kick, which will be discussed in a later video.

Hook kicks must be thrown from a sideward stance, you CANNOT throw them from the frontal boxing stance. When you are throwing from a sideward stance, you must do cross steps (unorthodox for boxing, I know, but this is not boxing) or lunging steps forward, as in the sidekick.

The hook kick is applicable at range, you must be far away. Your leg MUST be fully extended before you bring across and flick. Do not move your torso or anything like that, don’t move your body, just open up the hips and kick out to the side, and then flick the calf back, aiming with the heel.

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  • The hook kick is quite a gambit move. In sparring, I will occasionally skip in and throw a lead leg hook kick to tap the opponent’s head, but I lack the flexibility to perform the spinning hook kick. The spinning hook kick is devastating. I’ve seen countless sparring videos where the fight ends after someone gets nailed in the soft spot on the back of their head with a spinning hook. Would not recommend for street fights however.

    • Yeah, the hook kick is not really something I’d recommend using, I only teach it for the sake of completeness, and for learning the spinning hook kick, which will be coming some time soon.

      I’m not the most flexible guy either, but I still practice the spinning hook kick, even if I can only go to about the shoulder with it rather than the head.