The Green Inferno of Napoleon Chagnon

It’s time for the second Manthropology video, since the first one seems to have gotten a pretty solid response…for the most part (relative to the meager audience I have, of course.)

In the first video, I went over the SJW stranglehold over the field of anthropology in a general sense. This video deals with a more specific example of this phenomenon. It is a story about how University of Michigan anthropologist Napoleon Chagnon, a man who spent 30 years of his life living amongst the Yanomamo tribe of the Amazon, learning their language and ways and diligent recording data, found himself changing from a respected scientist to a bloodthirsty Nazi overnight due to the changing winds of public opinion. It is also a story of  science conflicting with the organized religion of modernity, and steadfast determination

I present Chagnon’s story as an example of the transgressions of Social Justice Warriors, and how they can be overcome. It is directly relevant to all of us in this corner of the internet, and we should learn from his example. You can watch the video below

As an addendum to the main video on Napoleon Chagnon, I also addressed somebody who didn’t care for my first video. Linked above, Jason Colavito seems for the most part to be pretty intellectually earnest and willing to have an actual dialogue (unlike most leftists whose idea of a “conversation” is more of a lecture.)

Having read his article, the last few minutes of the video gently and cordially address the criticism of my first video.

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