Rogue Learning: Iceberg Slim, Pimp

In my last “Rogue Learning” article, I conveyed the idea that you can learn just as much from a bad person as you can learn from a paragon of human behavior. And in this second article, we’ll be continuing that trend by looking at one of the most decorated whoremongers the United States has ever produced: Iceberg Slim!


To put it very simply: Iceberg Slim (real name Robert) was a black man who became a pimp in the 1930s, before eventually becoming disillusioned with a life of vice and crime, going legitimate and writing several books on his life and times,  notably the book Pimp, which is the main source material of this article.

Slim does not idealize his former lifestyle, making it very clear that he was not what anybody would call a good man. However, as other reviewers have pointed out, much of what he has to say about his relationship with his stable of whores can shine some light on relations between men and women, especially with the sexual climate of 2017 being as divisive and awful as it is. And sex isn’t the only subject Iceberg is surprisingly wise about!

“A good pimp doesn’t get paid for screwing, he gets his pay for having the right thing to say to a whore on tap…whores constantly probe for weakness”—While it ideally shouldn’t be this way, anybody reading this website probably acknowledges that sexual relations in the Western world as of 2017 are a good deal more antagonistic and genuinely bitter than is healthy, and that’s not really going to be changed anytime soon. Thus, while you are (hopefully) not managing a stable of prostitutes, you have to understand that, especially when first attempting to pick up a girl, you want to avoid seeming weak or boring or anything less than your best. Similarly, if you’re in any sort of authority position (an employer, a teacher, etc.), you can never show your subordinates that you are flustered, angered, or emotionally distraught: your authority will be lost immediately.

“A pimp is just a whore who tricks whores, just take your money up front, and what you have to do”—This is a quote that can be very easily applied to any business context. Everybody gets screwed by the market/the government/both somehow, and the people you’re doing business with don’t care about you anymore than you can financially help them. Keep things strictly business. Or to put it another way:

“Slim, pimping ain’t no game of love. Prat ’em and keep your swipe outta ’em. Any sucker who believes a whore loves him shouldn’t a fell outta his mammy’s ass.”

“A pimp is happy when the whores giggle, it means they’re asleep. They’re like the white chumps who hump for the white boss. They both watch and wait for the boss’s downfall”—Similar to the preceding two paragraphs.

“I’ve been in prison 4 times and all I could think was “why didn’t they leave me in Rockford with Henry?”—As said above, Slim does want to atone for his past life of crime, and early on he makes it clear that he feels he could have lived a life on the straight and narrow had he come from better circumstances. Namely, had his biological father not walked out of him, or had his mother stayed with the first stepfather (Henry, an upstanding guy Slim genuinely liked), rather than leaving him for a series of scumbags. We neo-masculinists are well aware of the importance of strong patriarchal role models for boys and young men, and how single mothers can badly mess up their sons. Indeed, Iceberg is living proof of the adage that the scions of single mothers are more likely to live lives of crime.

“My mother was still hot for him. No matter how awful a man he was, he must have been amazing in bed…”—Referring to one of his stepfathers. Why else do you think I insist you learn sexual positions and techniques instead of “just banging ’em!” as some idiots advocate. Women will forgive a lot of bad behavior if you can give them the full body shakes.

“The way you start with a bitch is the way you end with a bitch”—in other words, first impressions are really important, no matter who you’re dealing with.

“You Stinking Black Bitch, you’re a fake! There’s no such thing as a lady in our world!”—One thing that the book makes very clear is that turgid passion plays of good, innocent girls being “turned out” into becoming whores don’t really happen—the majority of the women that Iceberg recruits into his harem are already prostitutes or are psychologically damaged in some fashion. Keeping that in mind, the fact that ostensibly nice, educated women from good homes are today willingly whoring themselves out (albeit gussied up in the guise of”sugar daddy” websites, Instagram models, and the other wonderful permutations of womanhood we discuss in the manosphere) should indicate just how profoundly damaging modern society and culture are to the psyche. A normal woman wouldn’t enter that world.

“Stay cold. Back up from the fabulous pussy. Keep your mind on the scratch [money]. Don’t let them Georgia [fool, sucker] you, get the money up front.”—Business before pleasure!

“…I kicked her until my leg hurt” ‘Bitch do I have to kill you to make you my whore? Get up and give me the scratch'”—Unfortunately, the unruly must occasionally be disciplined harshly. Of course, you the white collar cubicle jockey cannot start roundhouse kicking your co-workers (no matter how much you’d like to), but the basic principle is the same as I delineated in my discipline article—discipline is only effective when you have the possibility of immediate retribution.

“What if I hadn’t kept my ears flapping in prison? I’d be a boot black or a porter for the rest of my life…”—It’s the same point I always make: always pay attention to your surroundings, and always be learning new things. You never know when that information will be useful!

“Baby don’t horse around with my scratch or try to play me. You don’t have to worry so long as you never violate my rules. I will never hurt you more than to turn you on.”—Ignoring the fact that the woman is turned on by abuse (recall above that only women who are damaged in some fashion become prostitutes), this is the key to discipline, the old “carrot and stick” idea. Retribution when they’re bad, reward when they’re good.

“…If that don’t work, take a wire coat hanger and twist it up into a whip. Ain’t no bitch can stand up to that coat hanger”.—Improvised weapons take many strange forms.

I knew that I was a stellar salesman…I had proven my gift for thirty years. The principles of selling are the same in both worlds…they sensed my knowledge of human nature”—That just proves the whole thesis of this “Rogue Learning” Series, doesn’t it? The lessons he learned in crime were just as applicable to the right side of the law.

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