New on ROK: Masculine Body Language

I have a new article on Return of Kings dealing with body language, and how to present yours in a way that makes you appear strong and masculine. More specifically, it deals with the face, and how to present a strong and masculine face, with future articles to deal with other regions of the human form.

You don’t need me to tell you how important communication is every single day of your lives. Those who are capable of communicating succinctly and schmoozing effectively are generally the people who are capable of succeeding in their respective fields, while those who cannot communicate effectively are going to, at best, be busy little bees that make a decent (but not great) living wage technically and skillfully serving those skilled communicators.

Knowing that, you should also bear in mind that day to day communication can roughly be split 50-50 between verbal language and non verbal cues. And seeing as body language by definition involves alignment and proprioception of the human body, that is something I am qualified to talk about.

The movements of your body can reveal how you feel about yourself and others, and what you’re planning on doing. A person who understands body language holds all the advantages in interpersonal communication. Most importantly, they can convey the message and image of yourself that you want to convey to others, and on some occasions force you to take on a certain mood.

The first thing to remember with body language is that no one gesture, pose, or facial expression alone conveys a message. It has to be taken in context with all the other parts. And just like with elocution, the key to body language is to take things slow and controlled. Practice them in the mirror slowly and with control, so you can speed them up when you need to use them in interpersonal communication.

Since we want to establish dominance 24/7, let us look at each region of the body and see how that can be accomplished…

You can read the article here