How To Do The Spinning Crescent Kick

My new video and article is a martial arts tutorial on the spinning crescent kick, more accurately the spin outside crescent kick. It’s not the strongest attack in the world, but it’s a prerequisite to learning the spinning hook kick, it’s easier to do than the aforementioned kick, and it does still look kind of cool. Also, as the thumbnail suggests, we’ll also be learning the technique of spotting, used by both ballerinas and martial artists alike to maintain balance while  doing spins.

To do the spinning crescent kick, the initial movement is similar to the spinning back kick.

You spin on the front foot—NOT entirely on the ball of the foot (ie: you spin like the spinning back kick, just barely lift the heel up, not all the way up like the roundhouse), spot over the shoulder (spotting is given ample discussion in the video), and chamber the leg via bending (half chamber, not bent all the way up).

As you spin, turn without even moving the kicking leg UNTIL you have gone 200 or so degrees and then lash it out, not too forcibly but just sort of GLIDE it out up and over as you finish the spin. The key is to not start the actual kick until you are like 65% done with the spin.

Make sure you keep a consistent spinning momentum, and restrain yourself from slipping/going to the flat foot. It helps to feel the friction on the planted foot—if it hurts you’ll develop calluses eventually.

Also, practice this on a flexible target like a paddle or one of those torso dummies. Failure to do this can injure the hips and lower back.

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