New on ROK: “Four FSU Fitness Tips”

And by “FSU”, I mean the Former Soviet Union of course. While I have the distaste for communism that most in this corner of the internet have, I am capable of admitting that the FSU did some things very well—namely weightlifting. This article pertains to those innovations in the art of lifting heavy stuff.

Against all logic and reason, I do occasionally find myself feeling some twinge of patriotism towards my homeland of the United States of America—albeit, usually in the context of “Criticizing it’s institutions so she can relieve herself of the guilt and malaise that has been laid upon her”.

On a similar note; while I do have a great deal of respect for the culture of the Russian Federation and its environs, I am not quite as enamored with Eastern Europe as some nameless manospherians are…with a few exceptions in some select areas…

And so without further ado, here are five techniques—not exercises are equipment, but performance techniques of weightlifting, that were developed either in the Soviet Union or in Former Soviet Union states, and can be immediately utilized in your lifting endeavors.

1) PNF Flexing

Also known as “proprioceptive neuromuscular function”, this is essentially where one flexes/squeezes as many muscles as possible in order to call even more muscle fibers into play. And the more muscle fibers that are involved in a lift will of course lead to a greater increase in strength. In fact, according to one of Russia’s greatest exports Pavel Tsatsouline, doing PNF can instantaneously make you capable of lifting another 5-10 pounds that you couldn’t before.

When you’re doing a lift, merely grip the bar as tight as you can, and clench the buttocks as hard as you can. This will by irradiation (See below), force the other muscles of the arm and the lumbo-pelvic-hip-complex to maximally tense as well, giving you an overall increase in your muscular strength.

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