How To Deal With One’s Haters

Any person who has made any sort of impact in a public forum (that includes the internet) will inevitably attract a following of haters to go along with any following of fans. Haters are, in essence, “anti-fans”, people who follow you as ardently as any legitimate fan will, but for the purposes of “keeping tabs” on you in order to bash every new thing you do.

After the better part of two years, I have my own group of dedicated haters. And it’s exactly who you think it is—who other than the crying bitch brigade at Longing for Death and the Reddit Hapas board?

About 3 months after this video was originally released on Youtube, it appears that Eurasian Tiger took a break from having titty attacks over his sideburns…  

…to make a response video to several of his own haters, the first 10 minutes of this hour long video being dedicated to me. And THEN he made another, 40 minute long video specifically about me.

(I would have linked to these videos, except for the fact that he seems to have deleted them. In fact, his entire Youtube channel seems to have been deleted).

Rather than being mad—I still don’t feel the need to make a response video—I decided to use this as an opportunity to develop a strategy to deal with one’s haters. It has three main steps.

1) Judge whether they have a point or not

I’m certainly not adverse to being criticized—if your haters have a legitimate point in criticizing you, then it is worth considering, and possibly changing (should it be capable of being changed). As I point out in my “Rogue Learning” series, even terrible people can sometimes  give good advice.

With that being said…

2) If they don’t seem to have a point, ask why they hate you

In other words, ask “what is it he says about me?”

In the case of my little buddy Eurasian Tiger, his “insults” about me which, again, I unfortunately cannot show you, were mainly that I have a deep voice, do martial arts (note that he never said I’m BAD at martial arts, which would perhaps be a legitimate criticism from someone better at them than me, but rather the mere fact that I study them is something worthy of mockery in his eyes), write for Return of Kings, am unattractive, and have a “Weird smile”. The first three things aren’t even insults at all, and the last two are insults based on subjective opinions. Notice that at no point does he address any of the criticisms I made about him in the previously linked video.

What sort of person feels that “ha, you do martial arts and have a deep voice” is an insult? If I had to guess, that sort of person is a complete loser. The sort of person who engages in massive projection of his own failures onto you—I couldn’t help but notice that in one of his video’s comment sections, several people mocked me for leaving “paragraphs”, and did so by leaving comments three times the length of mine.

Also in that now-lost comment thread, I also couldn’t help but notice that ET and his followers all seemed to be under the impression that I’m depressed and/or suicidal (despite, y’know, the fact that THEY, not *I*, are the administrator and devotees of a website titled “LONGING FOR DEATH”)

Or alternatively the sort of person who dedicates a 40 minute long video to obsessively bitching about someone, has a hissy fit over his haircut, apparently doesn’t have a day job, and acts like a pathetic lap dog around a woman he finds attractive. In short, that person would be…Eurasian Tiger.

(As a side note, he spends much of his time talking to himself on the Reddit hapas board, and only a loser talks to himself—or maybe it’s just a complete coincidence that one of the posters in the thread about me has a username identical to ET’s Youtube banner).


My total involvement with Reddit hapas is 3 articles (including this one) and one video, all totaling not even 15 minutes of your time. They make numerous reddit posts about me, and 50 minutes of completed youtube footage (and undoubtedly many more hours in video production), so clearly they’re more obsessed with me than I am of them.

They hate me merely because I am  one of their own who refuses to be a sniveling wimp, and in doing so I prove that their failures are only their own doing. They hate me because I give them good advice (namely, to take all the effort they put into hating me and hating themselves and attempting to improve themselves), and people hate to be told what’s best for them. They hate me because I’m objectively better than them, and they know it. And I’m not the only one who notices, in the most recent Reddit topic about me, a couple of the users seem to be turning around to my way of thinking. And even if I can only make a positive impact on just one person, to make just one hapa stop being a whiny little tool, I’m happy.

3) Allow the impotent attacks of failed human beings to pass over you and through you.

How do they attack me? They spam my Youtube videos and downvote them, they talk shit about me and insult me, but none of it actually effects me.

I’m still not mad, as illustrated by me writing several unrelated articles between their “harassment” campaign and now, I don’t post on Reddit or send my readers to spam/downvote ET’s videos, and frankly I take having these particular haters as a badge of honor.

If they did actually affect me in some way (doxxing, hacking, real life harassment), I’d be concerned. But until that happens, I will continue not to care. And you yourself, no matter your labors or political persuasion, can do the same.

Remember that people who dedicate themselves to hating another, who define themselves based on what they hate, are miserable human beings that aren’t worth your time. Remember that, and you’ll find your haters are not a problem at all.