New on ROK: Four Estrogenic Foods

I have a new article on Return of Kings about foods (other than the aforementioned soy) that can be estrogenic and give you man tits, amongst other problems.

A few weeks ago, I discussed soy, it’s byproducts and how that vegetable has negative, estrogenizing effects upon the masculine physique. Naturally, nothing has changed in those few weeks: soy is still rightfully stigmatized by  men.

Now having said that, let’s make something perfectly clear: soy is not the only food that can sap your masculine vigor—far from it! As you probably assumed, this article will deal with four most estrogenizing foods other than the hated soybean, and why you should avoid them.

…”Beer?!” you might ask. Yes beer, of all things, has been shown to be estrogenizing. More specifically, certain types of beer—those that are brewed with hops, which is to say the overwhelming majority of the beers you can find on the market.

Of course, beer is very fattening, hence the term “beer belly”, but it goes beyond that. Hops contain phytoestrogens, which are found in (you guessed it) soy as well! If that wasn’t bad enough, it will concurrently lower your testosterone levels as well.

This  effect can be somewhat ameliorated if you drink beer that is not made with hops—malt extract, fruit, corn, the permutations of alcohol are many, and if you must have an alcohol kick, you can probably find something other than hops.

“But beer is a manly thing!” some who refuse to curb their drinking are probably saying right now. Says who? The media, of course! That same media that is doing everything in its power to denigrate masculinity 90% of the time. Am I the only one who finds that suspicious?

You can read about the other three foods that are estrogenizing, and how to avoid them, by clicking here