Seducing Women Via Body Language

Huzzah, it’s time for another of my rejected paid articles!

In two previous articles on this website, I have discussed masculine body language of both the face and the body. For those who didn’t read those articles they are exactly what they sound like: ways in which you can compose yourself, stand tall, and bear a countenance that will convey the message that you are a strong, confident, masculine man. The sort of man who is worth knowing, a man who is respected by men and desired by women.

That’s all fine and good, but many of the readers of this website are brought here specifically for that last bit at the end of the preceding paragraph: desired by women.

There are many articles that can tell you how to be desired by women, both on this website and my own, but as the title of this particular article would imply, you can, in fact, use the knowledge of body language that we have been developing to your advantage in seduction! Because, just as there is body language that men put on to appear confident and masculine, women too have their own body language that they do (either deliberately or subconsciously) to enhance their femininity and convey their attraction to a man.

That is what we are here to discuss today—and as a side note, we will also discuss some body language cues that men can do to convey their sexual interest and enhance seduction, and some body language cues for men that make you seem too eager and thus should be avoided.

Women’s Positive Body Language

A woman’s body language can, depending on your actions, show either attraction or revulsion. Obviously, we want her to show attraction, but we will of course learn both types of body language for academic purposes, and to recognize when you’re fucking up.

For those men who resent the fact that “…men always have to pursue in the relationship”, bear in mind that, in fact, women will usually make the first move in seduction—not a verbal or a large physical movement, but in terms of their body language.

As usual, the face is the most obviously read, and subdividing that will reveal that the eyes never lie. A woman who is attracted to a man will have her eyes dilate and make covert eye contact. They will covertly smile, tilt their heads to expose the neck, and flick their hair back.

These are collectively a group of motions that are known as “preening”, highlighting the secondary sexual characteristics. Moving below the neck, women will thrust their chests forward or cross their arms across their bodies to enhance the bosom, cross and expose her thighs if she’s sitting down, arch their backs, and sometimes expose and show the underside of her wrists.

She may also allow you, or more likely hint that she is allowing you, to have some light physical contact with her.

In short, her body posture is open, comfortable, and enhances the parts of her body that you want to grab a hold of. And that’s exactly what nature intended to happen.

And needless to say if a woman drops to her hands and knees and does this in front of you…she’s probably sexually interested.

Women Showing Revulsion

Now that you know how women show attraction, the revulsion signs are essentially the opposite. Eyes small and constricted, body turned away from you, posture is “small”, and she is doing absolutely nothing to enhance her secondary sexual characteristics. She will also not make any eye contact with you.

In short, if you ever went to a public elementary school, the signs of female revulsion from when you were a child are not so different from the ones an adult woman will show, just a bit more subdued.

Showing Signs of Male Attraction

Despite what some of the keyboard alpha males would have you believe, men “preen” just as much as women do—it’s a fundamental part of attraction, after all!

Men too will enhance the secondary sexual characteristics. They will stand more upright, puff out their chest, and thrust out the chin. You will likely do this involuntarily, just try not to do it to an exaggerated extent that makes you look like a cartoon character.

If a man is seated, he will likely open his legs a little bit to expose his crotch.

And, just like the women, men will have their eyes dilate (this is involuntary), an eye contact should be made. However…

Body Language to Avoid

Much of the body language you should avoid in seduction is the same stuff you should avoid in general—hunching, being “small”, not giving your balls enough room to breathe.

The other body language you should avoid? This is stuff most men already know: don’t lean too far forward to appear overly eager, don’t fix your eyes on her tits, and in general don’t act like a sperg.

Once you can recognize the signs of female attraction and revulsion, you’ll find your attempts at seduction are much easier