New on ROK: 3 Diets (and Effectiveness)

My new Return of Kings article involves me judging three popular diets, and their effectiveness. In addition, I also discuss my own successful weight loss efforts.

Directly proportional to the increase in girth of the average Joe has been the proliferation of diet plans, workout plans, and various gimmickry that are all marketed as sure-fire methods to lose weight easily—“Easily” meaning without strenuous exercise, deliberately planned dieting, or really any effort on the part of the fatbody using the plan, who is likely slothful in addition to gluttonous.

But how effective are these diets? To answer that, and to answer the question of “what diet is the most effective to lose weight”, we must educate ourselves on nutrition, and then we’ll look at a few of the popular diets that are out there nowadays and judge whether or not they are effective.

When discussing weight loss, you’ll typically see the three “big” nutrients discussed the most—and rightfully so, considering that the overwhelming majority of your caloric content will come from these. A Calorie, of course, being the amount of heat energy needed to increase the temperature of a kilogram of water by one degree celsius—in practical terms, it’s the amount of energy a standard unit of food has in terms of glucose. And of course, unused calories are converted by bodily processes into adipose tissue. Fat, in other words.

To get into more detail, the main three macronutrients are carbohydrates, protein, and fat.

Low carb diets incorporate things like the paleo diet, ketogenic diets, the Atkins diet, and etc. And there is some truth to these diets—studies have shown that these diets will get the fastest results in weight loss in the immediate sense. And, of course, seeing as we here strive to be masculine men on Return of Kings, you want to eat a diet that will turn you into a man of action rather than a soft, bitch-titted “soy boy”…

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  • Consolation_of_Philosophy

    The classic food pyramid is fine for female bodies.

    • Personally I don’t think it’s that bad for anybody. The government has made decent efforts to reduce obesity in recent years, although I doubt it’s for any reason other than wanting to create more efficient taxpayers (obesity is a remarkable financial drain after all).