Listen to me w/Donovan Sharpe!

Yesterday, I went on Donovan Sharpe’s podcast/livestream The Sharpe Reality, and we discussed martial arts, fitness, and many other topics relevant to both our websites.

For those not aware, Donovan Sharpe is a fellow Return of Kings contributor, as well as the proprietor of his own website, which is also titled The Sharpe Reality. 

His website mainly centers around his podcast/livestream these days, with his articles hosted on other sites that are linked.

From his website’s about page:

I’m 39 years old and have lived on the west coast for 7 years. My father serving in the military for nearly 30 years afforded me the privilege of living in 17 different states, most of them before the age of 18.

I discovered The Red Pill a few years back and it’s completely changed my life. It took a while and it certainly didn’t happen overnight. There were many challenges, set backs, and a shitload of embarrassment. But I stayed the course and because of that I’ve achieved a level of happiness and contentment I’ve never approached in the past.

For this reason, I’d like to pay it forward and help men who are in the same boat as I was years ago. This won’t be the typical ‘How to pick up girls’ or ‘How to be more confident’ podcast. Yes, we’ll cover the basics now and then but I intend to focus on my personal experiences in life, with women, money and anything else that pertains to us as men.

You can listen to the interview I did with Donovan here

Or you can follow him on twitter at this address

Or you can check out his Youtube channel right here

I would also recommend checking out his written articles as well, both at Return of Kings and at Negro Manosphere