Why Are Mixed Race People So Dysfunctional?


“This picture again?!” Yeah, I know, but it encompasses “mixed race dysfunction” like nothing else. Frankly, having seen this “man”‘s uncovered, acne-riddled face, you should thank me I’m using one of his typical “ashamed of my face” pictures instead.


Yes, it’s finally come to this:

As loathe as I am to admit…yes, many people of mixed race do seem to be a bit atypical from a neurological perspective. Of course, there are the extreme examples such as the infamous “supreme gentleman”, but there are also less murderous but no less insane examples.  There is of course the infamous Count Coudenhove-Kalergi (he of “godfather of the European Union and promoter of the new European-Negroid Race” fame), as well as minor league miscegenists like Moises Velasquez-Manoff—and for that matter, our former president Obama who wanted nothing more than to see the USA as “a hodgepodge of different folks”. Beyond those mixed people who want nothing more than to make everybody equally as mixed as they are, there’s garden variety insanity and malfeasance such as Emma Sulkowicz, the famous “Mattress Girl” who has been discussed quite often on this website, and the julienne of whiny, pathetic, “I hate myself” hapa blogs that I thoroughly dissected in this video.

And really, what is the fear of America’s “Brazilification” then noticing the dysfunction and chaos that arises with a massive, mixed race populace?

It doesn’t take a genius to notice a pattern arising here. But once it’s noticed we have to ask: why is this the case?

Inherent in the System?

Some would argue that there’s just something inherently wrong with race-mixing that creates unstable little mongrel children that are hamstrung from birth. As I said previously, I myself am mixed race, but have never been held in any sort of psychiatric ward or been diagnosed with any mental problems, so I don’t think that there’s anything inherent in the act of miscegenation. I personally think that it’s something that is caused by nurture, rather than nature. And to surmise what THAT might be, we have to once again delve into my sordid past, where one bad day could have made me into an out-and-out Social Justice Warrior.

As I have said previously, I was something of a nerd as a child. The only other “hapa” i knew was my older brother, who in contrast to me was the archetypical “Chad Thundercock”—star athlete, popular with girls, the works. It’s probably not a coincidence that he looked substantially more white than me—especially in my narrow-shouldered, scrawny youth. The fact that I was in contrast mocked and bullied for being ugly, and was told from elementary school that I’d never have sex or kiss a girl, combined with inevitably noticing that there were no Asian male romantic leads in movies (the eternal complaint of Asian Social Justice Warriors) led me to internalize that I was unattractive, and would never be attractive, by the time I was in 7th grade. It’s a bit of an open secret that white people have an easier time dating all races than most other types of people, and thus many mixed race children will be half white, which leads to some resentment on the part of the child who will inevitably not look as white as their parent and thus feel some vague anger towards the Fates for “robbing” them of the beauty that should be their’s.

Now, take that self-pitying young person, and put him in a virulently anti-white cultural and educational environment.

It’s another open secret that people of mixed race (at least in the United States) will almost always associate with the non-white half of their ancestry and hate the white half. As I stated above, this is not something they’re born doing—if anything, they’ll probably desire more “whiteness” just by noticing what goes on in their life. However, American culture as it is today actively encourages hatred and resentment of white people on the whole, so much so that it’s not uncommon for 100% Caucasian people to hate themselves and their heritage. So why wouldn’t a half white person hate their white half? It’s what they’ve literally been taught their whole lives.

Thus, in the confused mixed person’s mind, things are starting to “make sense”: They don’t REALLY want to be more white, they were just TAUGHT to want that because of the “white supremacist power structure”. This is a convenient scapegoat for all of their problems, and if nothing else it seems rational, more so than anything their clueless parents have taught them about race—after all, they’re not mixed race, so what do they know about it?

And from there, it’s not too much of a stretch to think to yourself “if everybody was mixed race, then there wouldn’t be a white supremacist power structure! Fuck you, Dad!” That would explain the majority of the examples I cited above, and frankly I wouldn’t be surprised if Ms. Sulkowicz felt the same way privately.

As for the general insanity, let us return to my own history; when I realized that Asian men were seen as unattractive, I began to see my Asian half as a shackle around my ankle, keeping me from the sexual triumph I so desired.

In my opinion, it is this massive amount of cognitive dissonance—the feeling that you’re hamstrung from birth due to one half of your ancestry and resenting the other half of your ancestry that allegedly created the social structures that made you hamstrung in the first place—that causes emotional distress and has thus led to the “resentful, emotionally unstable insanity” stereotype of Eurasian people, and to a lesser extent mixed race people in general. I’m no social justice warrior; I acknowledge that that stereotype exists for a very good reason.

And of course, once I “realized” that’s how the world was, I decided to somehow bend society to my will to make Asian men attractive, or at the very least complain about it to make myself feel better.

Years went on, I had no sex, I started reading Asian Male Whining websites, and I continued to internalize my unattractiveness. And to solve it…well, those websites weren’t really big on solutions, content to whine about the problem. My resentments grew, my sexual notch count remained a big goose egg, and I prepared myself for a lifetime of involuntary celibacy.

How I Avoided It

When I broached the topic to my parents, and suggested going to a therapist…they proceeded to laugh in my face for a half hour. As an adult, I can safely say…that was one of the greatest doses of “tough love” I ever got. Of course, it hurt at the time, but after they were done laughing, they sat me down and asked me: “Have you done anything to make yourself attractive?”

I was mortified by this because…deep down, I knew I hadn’t. And I am still thankful to this day that my parents are not the stereotypical “we-are-the-world” liberal douchebags that you typically see interracially marrying.

I got the idea to improve myself instead of whining , and so I began my journey—first fitness, and then everything else I’ve taught my readers. And then, an astonishing thing happened: the more I worked out, and the more confident I became, and the more sexually experienced I became, the more white I became.

Literally! People would auto-assume I was Asian when I was small, weak, timid, and fap-happy, and I was assumed to be white more often when I became strong and confident and well-spoken.

Or, to put it another way, I found out that women genuinely didn’t care about my Asian features; my physical weakness, naivete, speech impediments, and slovenly appearance were far bigger impediments to my physical attractiveness than having epicanthic folds. Once I fixed the things that could be fixed, women were receptive. Not supermodels, just average women that are attainable for the average Joe, but the point is I went from celibacy to sexuality.

That is how I came to hold both sides of my heritage in accord, rather than feeling that one of them was a ball and chain around my ankle. That is how I avoided falling into the trap of self-pity and endless, pointless, social justice whining. With increased masculinity, strength, and confidence, I suddenly found my racial resentments and anger to be incredibly pointless, and I discarded those childish things.

Most people are content to wallow in their mediocrity–the prevalence of hapa blogs that are all identical in their “I hate myself and I hate white people” verbal flotsam would illustrate this. And frankly, the fact that this lugubrious faggotry from these pathetic excuses for human beings is what constitutes mainstream hapa “thought” enrages me.

If you are dubious that this all revolves around sex…well, the human being is a barely-evolved animal, and sex is pretty goddamn important. I still defy somebody to give me a real reason why Asian-Americans should be angry other than sex.

Take it from me: being mixed-race has its share of baggage, as any race does, but it can be easily overcome with individual achievement instead of wallowing in how bad it makes you feel. Perhaps if Elliot Rodger, Barack Obama, and all the other mixed race hysterics had learned this tough-love lesson, we’d all be better off.

If you’re interested in learning more about the issues discussed in this article, please consider purchasing my book–The Oriental’s Guide to Sex, Strength, and Satisfaction. Simultaneously a sociological survey, fitness and fashion guide, and seducer’s manual, 90% of the book provides hard-edged, “tough love” advice for the dorkiest man regardless of race or ethnicity. And the other 10% specifically deals with the question of Asian men and their perennial patheticness. Besides, the price has been slashed by 50% for the whole month of December.

PS: This was originally planned to be on Return of Kings, hence the blatant plug for my book. Since Roosh wasn’t interested, I decided to use it here.

  • Untergang07

    Thanks for your article. I’ve found that too. In latin America you didn’t observe this kind of dysfunction among the mixed race people until recently due to the American culture disease spreading south among the Middle Classes.

    I guess the clue is individual achievement and tough love by the parents of these people.

    • Indeed. I wrote this article to essentially say that being mixed race does have its baggage (as any race or ethnicity does), but most of it is self imposed, and the rest is from the crappy anti-white culture that surrounds us. Plus most people find it easier to wallow in resentment then improve themselves.

  • moriyahtobyahnah

    Whew! Sure glad you got that off your chest.
    Any more troubles just let me know. I’ll be glad to listen.

    • I think the article makes it pretty clear I’m no longer troubled by this, but I appreciate the offer

  • T.Cline

    If it helps, I had one class mate who was German-Japanese and he was appreciated by the girls.
    More than my Vietnamese friends.
    I guess, since back then we had at best about 3% non Germans at school, this is another example why the concept of a ethno state with a few foreigners might be the best solution.

    • Well as I say in the article I’ve kind of learned that lesson already.