New on ROK: Hawking The Book, Part 2!

My latest on Return of Kings is…almost identical to the article I wrote last week hawking my book The Oriental’s Guide to Sex, Strength, and Satisfaction—more specifically, I add a few new things (while still devoting most of the text to the aforementioned hawking), most notably some discussion of the reviews the book has gotten. Three to be exact, all of them positive:

From Charles Sledge:

…Each race has their own set of limiting beliefs and their own victim groups and they’re all toxic. Put simply if you’re not getting the women, money, or life that you want then you have no one to blame but yourself. This has been true since the beginning of time and it’ll be true until the end of time…

Overall this is just a good straightforward self-development book that any man would benefit from reading. It does a great job of breaking down limiting beliefs that oriental men have and debunking them. However this same method could be applied to any group of men caught up in limiting beliefs and making excuses for themselves based on their race. If you’re a loser it’s because you’re a loser not because of the color of your skin. Likewise if you want to change being a loser then you must invest in yourself and work on yourself.

From Pilleater:

Oriental Guide is written in the classic tradition of a manosphere do-it-yourself style. It is straight forward without any hidden messages. It is a manual for the dispossessed Asian American man looking for purpose.

As a disclaimer, I am not Asian. Paranoid and pretentious scholars would scoff at me saying that I am “whitesplaining” to a demographic I am ignorant of. I don’t have to explain myself, since I am writing about biculturalism rather than the perspective of an Asian American.

In a race realist society, Asian men living in a white society are contested with white standards. The Asian women falls down to the powers of the nature-breaking and romantic white men, and the obedient Asian men have to double down competition to win their own Asian American women over. This causes an extreme complication in a equality loving, liberal narrative white society. The answer for normies is to blame white men, shout for equality, or bring down strong men to weak standards. Still, it does’nt work. It causes more decadence and eventually, Asian-Aryanism.

Honest people know the truth. And Halleck gives the truth to young Asian men…It is very effective for the first time reader.

And from Matt the Writer on the Amazon page linked below:

As someone with a half-Asian son, there is a little anxiety when reading blogs by Eurasian men mad at the world, making me wonder “how do I stop my son from becoming like this?” Thankfully, Larsen Halleck has produced this invaluable resource for that concern. It isn’t just for Eurasians but men in general. You’ll learn how there’s more to life if one is proactive in the realms of health, dress and relationships. So stop choosing to be a victim and choose to be a victor and buy this book!

Do you need more convincing—more hawking on my part, if you will—to buy my book? If not, buy it here.

If you still need convincing, then I’ll just continue posting the good reviews on this website as they come—and judging from the feedback thus far, there’s gonna be more in the future.

…Oh, and if you wanted to read the Return of Kings article, read it here