Talking to Marty TV About the Book

I recently did an interview with Marty Bahena, also/formerly known as Minority Right (I did an interview with him more than a year ago), about my book, the issues, contained within, and various other issues (including, but not limited to, which musical instruments are most likely to get you laid—we make it very clear that tuba players don’t get any). You can listen to it below. And we can add another tally to the “people who liked The Oriental’s Guide to Sex, Strength, and Satisfaction” counter—there’s going to be one whole hell of a lot more in the years to come, believe me.

Like I say in the video, I feel that we could have gone on for another 20-30 minutes, but unfortunately my phone was running out of power (this is the first time I ever did a Google Hangout on my phone). Anyway…

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