The Human Flag: The Video!

Do you remember my article on Return of Kings about the human flag? It’s back—in video form!

Before we can actually start doing the clutch flag, we have to learn how to set it up by doing a clutch hang. To do this, approach your vertical pole and stand to its side. Extend your stronger arm straight out, and sort of wrap it around and curl it back over the pole, tucking the pole into the armpit. Simultaneously grasp the pole with your hand, making sure to point the thumb downwards.

Then with the other hand, grasp the pole around hip or stomach level, making sure to keep your thumb up. This arm (the elbow more specifically) will act as support in the exercise, bolstering your body by jutting against the hip and making the clutch flag much easier than the hanging flag, in which only your arms and shoulder girdles support the body weight.

With your arms in the proper position, shift your body weight forward until your feet leave the ground. Do not twist your body or otherwise try to make it horizontal, just get off the ground and hold. This is the clutch hang.

As with most static holds I teach you, when you are capable of holding this for ten seconds, you can move on. Now you truly begin to incorporate the lower body. The tuck flag has you take the clutch position, then pull and tuck your knees as high as you can. Your body will likely be diagonal to the ground at this point—that is completely acceptable.

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