Why Do Women Have Rape Fantasies? (ROK)

Presenting now for your scientific and sociological edification, an article on Return of Kings that asks why women have rape fantasies and how such a thing can (within legal limits) be used advantageously.

[Rape] is apparently all the rage nowadays, with the shrieking yentas that run the world in the 21st century never ceasing to stop talking about the awful awfulness of our rape culture in the rapey rapeosphere that is modern America. And while greatly exaggerated thanks to paranoia, there is some truth to this—the recent revelations coming out of Hollywood with the old Casting Couch suggest that, at the very least, some industries have a problem with sexual harassment and assault despite the constant exhortations for us to “listen and believe” and what have you.

And yet, despite all this hysteria over rape and how women are all in fear of it…they really seem to fantasize about it one whole hell of a lot. Yes, even in these enlightened times of strong independent womyn, these same strong women flocked in droves to bookstores and movie theaters to *enjoy* (wink, wink) works such as Fifty Shades of Grey, practically sliding on a mollusk-like mucus trail of sheer vaginal ejaculate. And this is hardly a new thing—as I’ve pointed out in this article, the 1919 novel The Sheik is essentially the exact same story as Fifty Shades of Grey except for the fact that the studly Dark Triad man is an Arab rather than a white man. And that too had a silent movie franchise funded by millions of women with drenched panties.

The reason I point all of this out is that, clearly, women (or at the very least a small subset of women) luuuuurve them some violent sexual fantasies. The question is: why exactly is this the case? And more importantly, how can you use these fantasies in a law abiding manner to your sexual advantage?

You can read the article here...and then for proprieties’ sake watch my Rapist Beware video to cleanse your soul.