Why Don’t They Call Themselves Communists?

So, as most of you probably know, I still consider myself something of a “disillusioned leftist”—I was an out and out liberal in my teenage years and even flirted with socialism and communism for a while, before becoming, well, disillusioned with all of it. Despite myself, I still have some lingering leftist sympathies for the working man, environmental issues, and things that I feel will generally benefit all in society. And needless to say, a major part of my disillusionment was the turning away from actually important issues beyond merely paying lip service to then, and instead focusing on glorifying victimhood, finding increasingly more obscure groups of degenerates to champion, and of course finding more and more subtle ways to thumb heterosexual white men in the eyes.

Of course, those who are historically educated, including myself, will point out that this is hardly an anomalous phenomenon: “Cultural Marxism” has its name for a reason, after all. A large portion of what sucks about modern life does, in fact, at least come partially from our dear friends in the Soviet Union: historical deconstructionism and political correctness and critical theory and liberation theology, just to name a few.

So, seeing as much of what they believe is at least partially sourced by communists, and the youth are increasingly seeing communism and socialism as being “cool” and “libeled” by the education system, I have to ask the obvious question: Why don’t they just call themselves communists and be upfront and honest about it?

Some would argue that they are, in fact, starting to do so, as many have pointed out increasing media depictions of various far left entities as being “cool” and, y’know, the mere presence of antifa on US soil, so perhaps they will openly refer to themselves as communists a few years down the line, if they haven’t already started to do so.

For years, I’ve been arguing that these people certainly shouldn’t refer to themselves as being “liberal” (a term that will presumably die out when the 60s Boomer generation goes to their eternal rest), for the simple fact that the root word of liberal, liber, means “Freedom”, and if there’s one thing these people absolutely despise, it’s individual rights and liberty. At the risk of sounding like the sort of apathetic, middle of the road centrist that everybody likes to mock these days, I do have a great deal of respect for liberalism in its classical form, and I certainly don’t see modern day leftists as the heirs of somebody like, say, John Stuart Mill who still has the best argument against the “free speech consequences” BS argument that has ever been written. Then again, I suppose their divorce from classical liberalism is almost complete, what with how the modern Democratic party seems to hate Thomas Jefferson more than any other historical person save Hitler.

In fact, considering how communists have traditionally hated liberals and “middle of the road types”, and how there have been several instances of “liberals get the bullet too” graffiti, it seems to me least they’re admitting it at this point. And frankly, as an ironhead I do have a begrudging respect for the Soviet Union, so if these antifa twats make themselves as strong and hardy as the Soviets they idolize I’d have at least a little respect for them.