What Is Our End Game?

We’ve made the big time, folks! And by “we”, I don’t mean “me”, specifically, but rather the reactosphere as a nebulous organization has made the big time! The New York […]

"You Should Just Be Yourself!"

Self-improvement is my business, and business is…barely adequate and could be substantially better. As I’ve repeatedly implied (or stated outright in my writing), I wasn’t born the way I am […]

Stereotypes Can Be Beneficial

This is the visible sort of “invisible knapsack” I’m about to drop a thesis that some might find…a bit controversial. And that thesis is—contrary to the popular wisdom, with its […]

You Are Made Of Marble

We are all born with a certain set of traits: some are stronger than average, some are smarter than average, or more quick-witted, or situationally aware, or better looking, or […]